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About Me


Hello! My name is Laura and I'm the owner of Jute & Burlap. I am a self taught designer that likes to save antique pieces big and small and give them new life. On the weekends, you don't have to look far from a flea market or yard sale to find me.

             It all started when I got a phone call that our friends barn had fallen due to heavy snow and they wanted to know if I wanted any barn wood. I couldn't have gotten over there fast enough. Next thing I knew I was crawling in stalls and taking the old hardware, water troths, hay pulleys and doors. Friends politely told me I was crazy.

              One phone call turned into more calls and I think I was starting to be known in my small town as the salvage lady. I was cluttering our house with all my treasure pieces and we needed to do something. So I started decorating with them and trying new ways to breath new life into them. People were loving what I was doing and asked if I could incorporate them into their home too.

               I started Jute & Burlap on Etsy and Amazon selling my finds and painted pieces. My business was growing and I wanted to expand. So I started my own website and left Etsy and Amazon behind. In order to expand I needed to get more products. They couldn't be just any products though! They need to be farmhouse and antique inspired. I wanted to bring the old in with the new and allow people to have that farmhouse inspired look to be able to bring into their home. Jute & Burlap continues to grow and I I only have my customers to thank!

                 I also wanted to inspire people and connect with other designers. So I started my Jute & Burlap blog. Though my blog is fairly new, I want to show people how to bring new life into antique pieces and give them ideas and inspiration. I hope my blog will be able to do that.

                                              I have never worked harder in my life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!